Monday, July 13, 2015

A Year with "Dino", the Vernal, Utah Dinosaur

         What fun to have a dinosaur to dress for different seasons and holidays!

         Tim and I drive through the town of Vernal every month, and each month we look forward to viewing "Dino" in his seasonal attire and adornments.

          Last week I introduced readers to "Dino", the unofficial mascot of Vernal.  In this post I present a photo essay of "Dino" as he is displayed throughout the year.  Enjoy!

Dino plays cupid for love-struck passers-by.

Dino honors the legendary Dr. Suess's birthday
on March 2nd, with this tribute to his books.

Happy Easter!

Dino holds a sign with a photo of himself as a hatchling,
and a touching shout-out to Mom which reads:
"Mommy You're The Best!".

Here's to the class of 2015!

Happy Birthday, America!

The fishing is good at nearby Jones Hole Creek,
part of Dinosaur National Monument.

The top photo shows Dino enjoying a cookout,
along with the garden's late-summer bounty of watermelon
and pumpkin.
In the bottom photo Dino is all aglow for nighttime.

A large and furry spider spins its web around Dino,
and he doesn't even seem to care!

Dino is ready to take the turkey out of the oven.

Merry Christmas from Santa Dino!

Friday, July 3, 2015

Happy 239th Birthday, USA!

             Tomorrow, July 4, 2015, Americans everywhere will be celebrating Independence Day with picnics, parades and pyrotechnics.  Have a Happy Holiday!

Main Street USA.
Vernal, Utah is the gateway city to Dinosaur National Monument.
One of Vernal's unofficial mascots,  "Dino" the dinosaur, is dressed for holiday fun.