Sunday, January 15, 2017

Winter Scenes from the Big Island of Hawaii

          I love winter.  Really, I do. 

          Right this minute, from where I sit behind my computer in the living room I count: 

14 snowmen figurines
  6 “Let It Snow” signs
  3 cross-country skier/snowflake throws
  2  “Let It Snow” votive candle lamps
  2 stuffed moose on skis  
 1 stuffed bear on skis
 1 wooden snowman on skis and,
 1 snowman pillow.

          All strategically and lovingly placed atop a mantel, a desk, a glider, and several bookcases.

          But... I just spent an hour shoveling snow and chiseling ice from around my chicken coop and so, as a distraction from winter’s many pleasures, I present these photos from a November snorkeling adventure on the Big Island of Hawaii.


Tim takes the fish photos.  Here he's holding his
camera, flash and snorkel fins.

Ornate Butterflyfish

School of Raccoon Butterflyfish

Left to Right:  Yellowtail Coris, Blackspot Sergeant, Moorish Idols

Yellowtail Coris (top), Lagoon Triggerfish (bottom).

School of Yellow Tang

Achilles Tang

Four-spot Butterflyfish