Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Anhinga Trail in Everglades National Park

          The Anhinga Trail is the premier wildlife viewing trail in Everglades National Park.  This wheelchair accessible trail follows a series of raised boardwalks through the sawgrass marsh.
The trail starts behind the Royal Palm Visitor Center, four miles from the main park entrance.  This is a short and easy trail - perfect for those without the time for more extensive hiking or canoeing in the park.  You’re guaranteed to see alligators and a variety of birds along this trail.
            I have walked the Anhinga Trail on two separate visits to Everglades NP and I recommend visiting the trail on a weekday in February an hour or so before dusk.  The following pictures were taken on just such a day.
For more information on the Anhinga Trail visit this site:  
Here is a sobering thought, taken from the Everglades NP website: 
"Did You Know?
In the 1800s John James Audubon noted that the sky was often darkened by the flocks of numerous birds above. Since the early 20th century, around 93% of the wading bird population has vanished. Much of the wildlife left in south Florida depends on Everglades National Park for a home."
If you haven’t yet visited Everglades National Park, plan your trip here:  
Green Heron
Photos from the Anhinga Trail:
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Great Blue Heron

Alligator Spa
Little Blue Heron and reflection.

White Ibis
Smiling Alligator
Tricolored Heron
See You Later, Alligator.
Wood Stork
Anhinga Mom with Chicks.
Anhinga Dad
Mmmm - that fish was good.

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  1. Stunning photographs, Rita! Those gators are gonna give me nightmares, though!