Monday, February 13, 2012

Romantic Riversong Inn in Estes Park, Colorado

        The Mission:  select the perfect honeymoon destination.
How to determine where to go?  In the pre-internet days of 1990 I relied on magazines and guide books for travel information.  Browsing a gift shop one February day I noticed a “Romantic Bed and Breakfast Inns” guidebook.  I thumbed through the pages and there it was, the ideal Rocky Mountain getaway: The Romantic Riversong Inn in Estes Park, Colorado.  

Riversong Inn, Estes Park, Colorado

         Ten months later, wedding festivities behind us, Tim and I arrive at the Riversong; the Inn is nestled in a forest of Ponderosa Pines, candlelight glows from its windows.  We enter the great room to find a log fire blazing in the hearth; a wall of windows opposite the fireplace provide breath-taking views of the snow-capped Rockies.   
We’re shown to our suite, Chiming Bells.  A live Christmas tree decorates the sitting room; the sunken bedroom contains a brass bed, a corner fireplace, cathedral ceiling, and large windows with a view into the pine forest.  The bathroom boasts a large soaking tub and a redwood-paneled double shower. 

Chiming Bells Suite

        A day at the Riversong offers these choices:  1) curl up by the fireplace with a book, 2) luxuriate in the tub while gazing at forest and mountain views, 3) enjoy an in-room massage, 4) walk the trails around the Inn, 5) stroll the streets of downtown Estes Park, 6) explore nearby Rocky Mountain National Park.   
Another offering at The Riversong is the candlelight dinner, cooked by Chef Carol.  We chose the candlelight dinner for the night of our arrival and were rewarded with this feast:  butternut squash soup, spinach salad, medallions of beef tenderloin with mushrooms in a light wine sauce, baked stuffed potato, sliced zucchini and yellow squash.  And then there was dessert—a fudge walnut torte.
In the mornings, breakfast is served in the circular dining room.  While watching mountain chickadees flit about the bird feeders we’re treated to offerings such as green chili strada and rhubarb-strawberry cobbler.
What to do after breakfast?  See choices 1-6, above. 
So, how did I do with my selection of The Romantic Riversong for our honeymoon getaway?  “Mission Accomplished.”


        Tim and I have returned to the Riversong Inn four times since our honeymoon and, in addition to Chiming Bells, have stayed in Wood Nymph and Meadow Bright.   If you’re looking for a place to celebrate a special occasion–Valentine’s Day, Wedding Anniversary, Birthday, or just any day at all—you can’t go wrong with a stay at The Romantic Riversong Inn.

Tim relaxes in Meadow Bright.

Our bathroom in Meadow Bright includes a waterfall shower
and jacuzzi tub by the log-burning fireplace.

Jacuzzi tub in Wood Nymph with a mountain view.
It's difficult to leave a place like this.

George Bernard Shaw once said:  “A perpetual holiday is a good working definition of hell.”  With all due respect to Mr. Shaw, had he the chance to stay at an Inn like The Riversong he would never have uttered that statement. 

Readers, do you have your own special retreat—an inn, lodge or resort you return to time and again?


  1. Hi Rita,

    What an apropos Valentine's Day post. The Riversong looks like heaven - with a slice of rhubarb-strawberry cobbler on the side! And how nice to have the option to do a little exploring on the trails or snuggle by the fire.

    Thanks for sharing this. I'm partial to the Ojai Valley Inn and its luxurious spa. The food is healthful and delicious, the accommodations are Mission-style, there's world-class golf for those who play or want to learn, plus arts, culture, horse-back riding, hiking, and - what's extra special - the welcoming people of Ojai. There's no tourist vs. townie feeling at all. It felt like home!

  2. I'd certainly agree with "Mission Accomplished" . . . and then some!!

    It's easy to understand why you and Tim have returned to this delightful venue on several occasions. And I do think it doubtful that George Bernard Shaw ever experienced a holiday at a place like the Riversong. Otherwise, how could he possibly have espoused such a disparaging remark about a perpetual holiday!?


  3. This very nice and romantic place for so many couple a out there specially for a newly wed couples. Thanks for sharing!

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    1. Thanks for your comments! The Riversong is a wonderful Inn, and I've spent many wonderful days and nights in Bryce Canyon as well!