Thursday, July 26, 2012

Cover Photo for Jersey Shore's "Boardwalk Journal"

          What comes to mind when I mention "Jersey Shore"?  The television show?  I hope not because the real Jersey Shore, 130 miles of ocean coastline dotted with resort towns and attractions, offers vacationers of all ages endless opportunities for summer fun.

          The following picture, taken by my sister Diane Wechter in Ocean City, NJ and featured in my blog post "Summer Fun in Ocean City, New Jersey", is July's cover photo on Atlantic City's "Boardwalk Journal" magazine.

           If you're one of the 37 million people living within 100 miles of the Jersey Shore, what are you waiting for?  Grab your beach towel and plan your trip today by visiting this website:

View photos from Ocean City by visiting my August 2011 blog post, highlighted above.

Read The Boardwalk Journal online to discover the Best of the Boardwalk 2012.


  1. Rita, as has been mentioned before, we used to live in Wilmington, DE. Therefore, we were among the 37 million folks that you mentioned who lived within a 100 miles of the Jersey Shore. This location has a lot to offer. We particularly enjoyed visiting those areas at the southern tip, like around Cape May, etc.

    Regarding your Blog report from August 2011 about the Jersey Shore, that was a delightful read. It appears that you had a very enjoyable visit at the shore with your family members. Perhaps the "Jumping for Joy" photo at the end of that report sort of says it all! :-)


  2. I agree that Cape May is a wonderful Jersey Shore town with terrific autumn birdwatching, as well as excellent restaurants and inns.

    Thanks for reading my Ocean City post, and thanks for your comments. My family and I have had many "Jumping for Joy" moments during our OC summer vacations!

  3. I see photography talent runs in the Wechter family. Congratulations to your sister, Diane, on having her beautiful image from The Shore on the cover of "Boardwalk Journal" - especially the "Best of the Boardwalk" issue. That is quite a compliment!

  4. Thanks Vickie. Diane was thrilled to see her photo on the cover of "Boardwalk Journal". She and I have been "camera buffs" since the days of our old Kodak Instamatics!