Wednesday, September 26, 2012

September in Lake City, Colorado

             Ahhh... September in the San Juan Mountains of Colorado.
             While I'm savoring the visual feast of golden aspens and elms this week, treat yourself to these scenes of Autumn in the Colorado Rockies.

             Click on any picture to enlarge.

An early September morning—looking south
on Lake City's Silver Street.
Historic cabin in Capitol City, Colorado.  During the silver mining boom
this mountain town, (now practically a ghost town),
had hopes of becoming Colorado's State Capitol.
Aspen-framed peak.
Autumn fishing on the Lake Fork of the Gunnison River.

View of two 14,000 ft. peaks near Lake City.
Uncompaghre is on the right, Wetterhorn is the
tall jagged peak on the left.
Lake San Cristobel near Lake City, Colorado.
To view more autumn photos from the Colorado Rockies, please visit this post:


  1. Oh my! Well, I must say that your Blog postings present a real challenge in terms of coming up with new superlatives to express my utter astonishment at many of the trips that you take, and the views that you experience. For this particular report, I'm blown away by the vista of Lake San Cristobel and surroundings. I feel some envy setting in! :-)

    Thanks for posting!

    1. This picture of Lake San Cristobel blows me away too—it almost doesn't look real, does it?

      This natural lake was formed by an earth slide a mere 700 years ago. The Slumgullion slide, four miles long and covering over 1000 acres, dammed the Lake Fork of the Gunnison River and created stunning Lake San Cristobel.

      I always look forward to reading your superlative comments, John!

  2. Hi Rita,

    Thanks for sharing these gorgeous reminders of autumn foliage (for those of us in California who don't get to experience the seasons) in Colorado. Spectacular!

    I love the photo on Silver Street with the early morning fog. Looks pretty darn nice when the mist clears, as well!

    Hope you had a wonderful vacation!

    1. Hi Vickie,

      You're right about the view from Silver Street; it's pretty nice no matter the weather or time of day.

      This Colorado mountain vacation has been wonderful and rejuvenating.

      Thanks for reading and commenting, Vickie!