Thursday, February 21, 2013

North Captiva Island, Florida

         It's not often I applaud the destructive force of a hurricane, but the 1921 storm which bisected Captiva Island deserves a tip of the hat for creating an island of calm in the sea of frenzied development along Florida's gulf coast.

If this is your idea of a relaxed beach vacation, then North Captiva
is the island for you.

         North, (or Upper), Captiva is accessible only by air or boat.  The island is a throw-back to the days before cars and highways.  Electric golf carts with attached wagons transport you and your gear to a rental house.  You may rent a golf cart to drive the sandy paths, and perhaps to visit one of the few restaurants or shops on North Captiva.   The pounding surf and the cries of ospreys and sea birds are the only sounds you'll hear on this tranquil isle.

White Ibises search for a tasty morsel in the sand.

A Snowy Egret takes off across the marsh.

White Pelicans congregate by an inlet.

        Search for shells, photograph birds, stroll the beach, or relax on your lanai.  February or March is the right time for a Florida get-away, and a week on North Captiva Island is the ideal tonic for those wintertime blues.

Colorful conch shells are found
in the frothy surf.

North Captiva beaches are littered with shells like these.
Shells keep the island's sand in place and provide food
for birds and fish.

A sampling of our shell collection.  Intact Sand Dollars are easy to find
on North Captiva's beaches.

         North Captiva memories will sustain you for a lifetime.  Plan your North Captiva idyll by visiting this website:
         Fort Myers is easy to fly into and is the nearest Florida city to North Captiva.  Don't forget to bring your shorebird and seashell identification guides or apps.

Ahhh,  Florida.  


  1. Ahhhh is right! Captivating photos of tranquil sandy beaches and clear, blue ocean always lure me in.

    Those images of seashells remind me of all the beachcombing my parents used to do on the Gulf Coast keys.

    I'm sure there are plenty of readers out there enduring the cold blasts of February and March who'll be tempted by this post. Thanks for sharing, Rita!

    1. Beachcombing is great along Florida's west coast; on a warm sunny day with tropical breezes blowing, there's nothing better!

      I think you're right about this post tempting readers to book that Florida vacation. I know I'm tempted!

      Thanks again for your comments, Vickie!

  2. Wow! Captiva Island is a place that I've actually visited, albeit more years ago than I care (or am unable) to remember!

    My grandparents, who have long since deceased, lived not too far from there in Nokomis, FL. While visiting them, a few delightful forays were taken to Captiva and Sanibel.

    Your delightful report skillfully captures the ambiance of that lovely area, and brings back fond memories.


    1. I looked up Nokomis (wasn't familiar with that town) and discovered that it's in an excellent location for excursions to the best of Florida's gulf coast beaches.

      Nokomis isn't too far from a couple great spring-training sites either!

      Thanks for taking the time to comment, John. I'm glad this post brought back happy memories for you.