Monday, July 14, 2014

Lunar Love

Supermoon, July 12, 2014

Photo taken from our back porch in Price, Utah.
Canon EOS Rebel Digital with 500mm Tamron lens.
(Click on photo to enlarge.)

I hope everyone had a chance to witness this super lunar event on Saturday evening.


  1. Great shot, Rita!! What a spectacular view from your porch.

    I tried to take a snap of the last super moon with my iPhone, but the dinky lens didn't do it any justice. Thanks for sharing this beauty!

    1. Thanks, Vickie!

      We also set up a spotting scope for an even better view—many of the pock-marked craters were clearly visible.
      Yes, we had an ideal spot from which to view the giant moon!

  2. What a super photo of this super event! Thanks so much for sharing!

    Weather permitting, you should be able to get another fantastic photo when the next "supermoon" appears on August 10th.


    1. Thanks, John!

      I'm looking forward to viewing and photographing the August super moon—isn't it nice that this scenic landscape (or is it "moonscape"?) is available for everyone to see!

  3. Unfortunately, I missed the event itself, but your magnificent photograph brought it to me.

  4. Thanks Janet! We're hoping to get an even better shot of the moon on August 10th.