Friday, July 29, 2016

Nevada Beyond the Neon: The Ruby Crest Trail

          Remember the "word association" game?  If I say the word "Desert", for example, you might say "Cactus" or "Sahara".  (Or Nevada.)
         Now let's try the game with the word "Alps".  What word or place did you think of—Switzerland perhaps?  It might take some time before someone would say "Eastern Nevada".  But that's just where the mountains called "America's Alps" are found.

         The Ruby Crest Trail is a 32 mile-long hiking, backpacking and equestrian route across the Ruby Mountains.  I've hiked only a few miles of it but those beginning miles gave an outstanding glimpse of what this trail has to offer: alpine lakes, rocky summits, aspen-lined creeks and wildflower meadows.

The trail begins in the open meadow of Lower Lamoille Canyon.

The trail passes rushing Lamoille Creek.
Views downstream of Lamoille Canyon grow more
impressive with each step.

Switchbacks along the mountainside lead to
Lamoille Lake.

Lamoille Lake is cradled in a deep snow-filled gouge in the
West edge of Upper Lamoille Canyon.

         The next time you're socializing with friends on your deck—playing word association or a similar game—impress them with your knowledge of names and places associated with the word "alps" by mentioning Nevada's Ruby Mountains; you can't lose.

         Note:  Global climate change is affecting mountain ranges worldwide and the Rubies are no exception.  Snow no longer dominates the ridge lines in July as it did in this collection of photos from 1999.


  1. Rita, this posting is another perfect fit for your series about "Nevada Beyond the Neon"! I'd never heard of the Ruby Mountains, and must say that such beautiful, pristine mountain country was totally unexpected for Nevada. The scenery is absolutely breathtaking.

    Thank you so much for sharing this!


    1. Tim and I shared your reaction the first time we saw these mountains. We never realized such beauty existed in Nevada! Now we know.
      Thanks for commenting, John!

  2. Your pictures are always so bright and lively Rita, with the bluest of blue skies that frame the scenery. Should hope the snow returns to adorn the Ruby Mountains once again and pretty soon!

    1. Thanks for your positive critique of my photos, Soumyendu. These photos were slides, which I scanned into my computer.
      After a dry summer, we're hoping for a good snow year, too. The mountains look so much better wearing a cloak of snow!

  3. I, too, have hiked to Lamoille Lake, Rita. Your photographs brought it back to me in great detail. I've enjoyed your Nevada series, Rita. I loved living in Carson City.
    PS The word association game was a clever way to begin and end. Very nice.

  4. Janet,
    I appreciate your comments on the beginning and ending of this post. I've been trying to think of novel ways to introduce Nevada's backcountry, rather than this: "You won't believe the scenic beauty of Nevada's backcountry!". (Although I think I've added a statement similar to that one in all of my Nevada posts, also.)
    As I've said before, I'm so glad this series is invoking fond feelings of nostalgia for you—more to come!